Design for innovation and social impact in community (French—live translation available)

This presentation explores the range of impact that a service design approach can have on  community projects, using a case study of a project by the Social Innovator in Residence Program of the Social Innovation Centre (Maison d’innovation sociale). Learn about this program, its operational model, and the positive conditions contributing to its deployment in the community. The talk will also describe the service design approach of a social incubator aimed at vulnerable / at-risk persons in the Montreal Centre South sector.

You’ll hear from two perspectives: the social innovators in residence and representatives of the district will share their experiences, lessons learned, and their impressions of the initiative’s impact including the project evolution, knowledge transfer, internal changes, and more.


Virginie Zingraff

Virginie has worked in regional consultation and project management since 2001. During these years she has completed projects focused on the environment, sustainable development, urban planning, and the knowledge economy for large public, community, and private organizations. Over the course of her work she has explored different user-centered collaborative methods and co-founded Umvelt Service Design, a company specializing in open innovation strategy and co-design of new organizational services and processes. She has also participated in the transformation of several communities and organizations. In 2014 she initiated a lab for the agricultural community of the Acadie River basin and founded Rang3, an organization mobilizing university researchers and multi-disciplinary professionals to assist communities in implementing collaborative innovation mechanisms.


Marie-Hélène Laurence

Marie-Hélène has over 10 years experience in developing and participating in collaborative projects. She spearheaded numerous projects in consultation with communities and social action groups, notably as financial and knowledge consultant for the regional conference elected officials. Marie-Hélène is talented in the mobilization of participants, collaboration, and partnership development. A people and process facilitator, she helps groups increase collaboration through events and co-design workshops. With a background in political science she is understands complex issues and the means to contextualize activities to the Montreal ecosystem. She helps teams to ideate and define the scope of a project and then translate ideas into structured projects. Marie-Hélène positions the human at the centre of the projects’ processes and development.