Workshop: Driving human impact with business empathy (English)

When we think about service design, our minds typically go immediately to the laudable goal of driving human impact for end users, customers or employees.  But how do we do that in a way that is sustainable and drives value for the business? Problem solving through partnership between business designers and service designers brings together the best of traditional analytical approaches with more creative and intuitive work. This collaboration makes our innovative ideas more holistically robust and impactful and ensures that we deliver on the promise of experiences that are not only desirable and technologically feasible, but also viable in the long term. In this good-natured, hands-on workshop you will learn how business designers and service designers collaborate to drive impact at Fjord by applying an accessible set of tools, frameworks, and activities to an all-too-familiar human dilemma.


Amy Sullivan and Katie Pula, Fjord

Amy Sullivan and Katie Pula, long-time friends and collaborators, are the Business Design Director and Service Design Director at Fjord’s Toronto studio.  Both have careers that have explored the social sciences in pursuit of an appreciation of the human condition, individual psychology and decision-making, and both have plied their skills and insights in the areas of digital experience strategy, service design, and product creation. Together they have led teams tackling a diversity of industry challenges spanning financial services, logistics, public transportation, telecommunications, healthcare and more.