Workshop: Introduction to service design thinking and doing (English)

In this workshop - service design thinking and doing, you'll learn the fundamentals of service design (empathy, communication, facilitation, systems thinking, synthesis, future visioning, storytelling, visualization, and making), along with an overview of how service designers think and the methods and tools they use to help visualize complex systems and service experiences. You'll apply that knowledge by working in a small cross-functional team to complete a series of worksheets (e.g. service definition, service actors, service scenarios) that will prepare you to sequence all the components together in a service blueprint. Although we won't have time to add these items during the workshop, we’ll demonstrate how you can include secondary items like time, emotion, KPIs, regulations or policy, and relational arrows, as well as layer in customer journeys to deepen the utility and meaning of the artifact.

jacqueline shopify.png

Jacquelyn Brioux, Shopify Plus

Jacquelyn is a charismatic design researcher and strategist who has spent the last twenty years helping organizations improve human experience—for users, customers, partners, and employees. She currently leads the service design practice at Shopify Plus and is collaborating with a cross-functional team to establish a differentiated service experience as part of their value proposition for merchants and buyers. Prior to joining Shopify, Jacquelyn started and scaled the first in-house service design practice at Fannie Mae in Washington, D.C. and spent two years at Capital One and Capital One Labs respectively, working with leading service designers from Adaptive Path. She currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her wife and two fur babies, and enjoys visualizing complexity as much as she does curating music playlists. Someday, she hopes to retire in a vineyard and deliver a kick-ass service experience.