November 29: Workshops

Workshops will take place on November 29 at La Factry (1111 Saint-Antoine St W, Montreal). We have a great lineup of French, English and bilingual workshops. Please note that live translation will not be available during workshop day.


Registration @ La Factry


Track 1: Room A

Prototyping new services and measuring impact (french)

  • André Fortin, Fondation J. Armand Bombardier

  • Ode Belzile, Fondation J. Armand Bombardier

Track 2: Room B

Practical Frameworks for Ethical Design (english)

  • Majid Behboudi, Klick Health

  • Mazi Javidiani, RBC

Track 3: Room C

Introduction to Service Design Thinking and Doing (ENGLISH)

  • Jacquelyn Brioux, Shopify Plus


Track 1: Room A

The impact of a consultant: beyond the final report (french)

  • Jessica Huneault, Meilleur Monde studio de design

  • Claire Grillet, Meilleur Monde, studio de design

  • Sophie Riendeau, Meilleur Monde, studio de design

Track 2: Room B

Inclusive Service Design: from unintentional exclusion to intentional inclusion (ENGLISH)

  • Derek Featherstone, Level Access

Track 3: Room C

Designing for Behavior Change (ENGLISH)

  • Amit Kiran, Bridgeable

  • Max Silverbrook, Bridgeable


Explore the area and grab lunch out!


Track 1: Room A

Intro to Strategic Foresight (ENGLISH)

  • Janice de Jong, Real/Ideal

  • Aaron Szymanski, Real/Ideal

Track 2: Room B

Work.Futures: Design of future workplaces experiences (ENGLISH)

  • Antonio Starnino, Studio Wé

  • Antonio Iadarola, Studio Wé

Track 3: Room C

Sampler of Service Design Methods 2 (BILINGUAL)

  • Deborah MacKenzie, User Experience Designer, OpenRoad Communications

  • Jacqueline Antalik, Director of User Experience, OpenRoad Communications

  • Winnie Ho, Senior User Experience Designer, OpenRoad Communications


Track 1: Room A

Designing services using Lego Serious Play (bilingual)

  • Joelle Stemp, Yu Centrik

  • Daniel Engelberg, Yu Centrik

Track 2: Room B

Office Hours (ENGLISH & FRENCH)

  • A bunch of professionals waiting for your questions!

Track 3: Room C

Driving Human Impact with Business Empathy (ENGLISH)

  • Amy Sullivan, Fjord

  • Katie Pula, Fjord