Service design x risk management, good like peanut butter x mayo (English—live translation available)

What’s the oddest pairing you’ve ever experienced? Wasabi Oreos? That Taylor Swift and T-Pain song? Lebron James wearing suit shorts?  The Justice League movie?

What about mixing service design and risk management?  What happens when you introduce iterative thinking, user centricity and a bit of structured chaos into one of the most rigid, highly regulated, process and policy driven functions in a 150-year-old bank?

This is the story of how I introduced service design to risk management within RBC, and in the process learned that risk management had a lot to offer service design as well… turns out peanut butter and mayo taste pretty good together.


Peter Chow, RBC

Peter is recognized as one of RBC’s top Intrapreneurs, having won a bank wide award two years in a row and was a founder and test pilot for Season 1 of the bank’s signature Intrapreneurship program RBCx. He lectures at the University of Toronto, mentors and sponsors students that are trying to transition into the innovation space and wisely does whatever his wife and two boys tell him to do.  He also has a cat that is trained to pee in the toilet.