Why can't we B.E. friends?

What people say, what people do and what people say they do are three different things. Behavioural Economics (or B.E.) is the scientific study of psychological, emotional and cognitive factors on economic decisions, the belief that human beings are not entirely rational in their decision making. B.E. provides service designers with a new way of measuring the impact of our designs, prototypes and ideas by expanding our understanding of the problem through a deep exploration of behavioural barriers, as well as providing us with new ways of measuring the impact of our prototypes through a rigorous testing methodology.


Patrick Bach, TD Bank

Patrick is an experienced service designer and design leader who has been focused on embedding and scaling service design teams, methods and capabilities within large organizations for the last 6+ years. Patrick has most recently created a center of excellence for Service Design & Behavioural Economics at TD, where both methodologies are leveraged to solve complex customer and employee problems.

Patrick's leadership in the space of service design has been recognized. He's been invited to speak at several service design and customer experience conferences around the world, including the Global Service Design Conference. Patrick is a founding member of Service Design Canada and firmly believes that design is a team sport (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!)


Ada Le, BEWorks

Ada holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Toronto and was previously a postdoctoral research fellow at York University. Prior to joining BEworks, Ada's primary research focused on using neuroimaging techniques to examine how the human brain integrates complex dynamic information in a way that ultimately affects people's decision making and behaviour.

Ada’s award-winning academic research is published in top-tier scientific journals. Her past research background helps inform the work she does at BEworks. For instance, how do consumers process and integrate various marketing and product information into their existing knowledge about the world, and what impact does that have on their behaviour? At BEworks, Ada leads innovative projects primarily in the insurance, financial sector, and retail space.