Workshop: Work.Futures: Design of future workplace experiences (English)

This workshop will guide participants through a mix of future-oriented design methods, as we go from understanding trends in the future of work, to prototyping spaces and interactions. In the process, we will explore new possibilities of collaborative workplaces, contextualized in future scenarios, as well as understand the expanding role of design as a force in creating strategic change.

This hands-on experience will focus on sustainability and symbolism of materials and interactions to understand the potential of service design when associated with the design of physical-digital-visual work environments.


Antonio Starnino, Studio Wé

A Montreal-born service designer with a curiosity for exploring design’s role in affecting positive change, Antonio Starnino is aartner at Studio Wé, a new experimental practice trying to understand how we can use design to create meaningful work environments. He is a Masters candidate in Human Systems Intervention, learning how to intervene and facilitate change within the complexities of organizational systems. A designer with over 10 years experience across the fields of service design and visual design, Antonio has applied his abilities to a variety of private and public sectors such as energy, education, healthcare, mobility and food innovation.

Specialties: Service design, user research, facilitation, workshop design, branding, communications, visual design and marketing.

antonia iadorola.png

Antonio Iadarola, Studio Wé

Antonio Iadarola is a designer and researcher. His work focuses on emerging work practices for the design of temporary and permanent collaborative environments and specifically on the understanding of the relationship between space, artifacts and collaboration. He is currently active as a Service Design consultant for the private and public sector as co-founder of Studio Wé. The studio, based in NYC and Montreal, offers embedded project support for teams, aimed at introducing design-driven work practices within the culture of their organisation by linking strategic and collaborative goals to the implementation of tools and workplace design. This approach, called Work Design, is in ongoing development through both Antonio’s studio and academic work.
Antonio is Associate Professor of Industrial Design and Design Thinking at Beijing Institute of Technology.